ARTIST: Tetka Rhu
weaVer of maGic
tetkaART = a Way of Life
Tetka Rhu
tetkaART = a Way of Life


What makes Tetka the person she is stems from the experiences that have given her the tenacity to breakthrough Illusion and dare to OWN and LIVE the Mastery of her personal Soul Blueprint.

The University of Life has fanned into existence a variety of Careers culminating in a totally new journey in 2009 of accepting the challenging of following her inner wealth as an Entrepreneurial Artist.

• Banking Career
• Self taught Manufacturing Jeweler
• Philosophy of Life and Meditation Facilitator and Mentor
• Children and Adult Story Telling
• Tarot, Soul Reader and Psychic Artist
• Spiritual Healer
• Motivational Educator/Facilitator
• Karate Instructor
• Real Estate Sales and Investments
• Entrepreneurial Artist / Author
• Global PEACE Entrepreneur

She has been described as:

"Tetka’s savvy awareness has inspired many with her business sense through marketing strategies designed for individual requirements".

ARTIST: Tetka Rhu
YOUR Artist of Creation
"where ART is more than ART"

Tetka Rhu: Entrepreneurial Artist / Investment ART Strategist

Brisbane, Australia

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 Skype: tetkarhu

Twitter: @tetka   @tetpicasso  #tetka #tetkaART


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