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tetkaART = a Way of Life
January 8, 2017 @ 9:30 AM

Ruby Love: from Original tetkaART Prints

a collection of tetkaART Canvass Prints, Framed Prints and more are available here



Who says everyONE cannot enjoy ART?


Back through the ages, ART was the realm of the Rich, so it excites me to-day that I can make my ART available to everyONE through high quality canvass prints, exclusive fashion accessories and much more, that are designed for people who love the unique and collectable designs I create.


It is so exciting to know that people globally are wearing my Fashion Ties, while accessorizing with Jewellery, Wallets, Messenger Bags etc.


Now here’s where I come to what I continually say: “my ART is more than ART” and my ART is .........

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January 8, 2017 @ 8:41 AM


ART: No 9 Fleur de Lis: original tetkaART

To acquire No 9 Fleur de Lis original tetkaART contact Tetka 


Time is of the essence.
These Words were a daily credence in my Real Estate world for 9 years.

Yet, as I sit and reflect, I feel the energy of thought, will and deed all rolls into, TIMING is of the essence.


How often do we push, force, shove and coerce events into being, and yet through unexplained forces nothing evolves.


The pull of gravitational energy dictates the Law of the Land must be observed.

Miracles occur when we accept that the Earth rolls into being the manifestation of our desires at her speed and not the speed at which we imagine.


Intention for an outcome, or .........

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January 7, 2017 @ 3:39 AM

ALL about LOVE: original tetkaART

to acquire ALL about LOVE contact Tetka 


Reflecting on what has become to me my favourite style of artwork I am impressed with the ideology of Impressionism of my Spiritual Truth.

To breathe is to experience,
To experience is to create
To create moves me beyond limitations of other's way

I am impressed with the hologram of my initial thought as the energy flows through me to burst onto the canvass in a way that expands all my horizons and energy fields of consciousness.

Evolvement in my purpose to share my art with as many people as possible I love the mere reference of what I do to the Impressionism Master Artists of Old.

To reference that my art is affectionately called .........

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January 6, 2017 @ 11:33 AM

No 5 Fleur de Lis Original tetkaART

To acquire No 5 Fleur de Lis contact Tetka 


Interesting questions posed to me over the years with regard the value my art offers to business, so without any preamble here are my answers:

Why are people going to buy tetkaART, what are they missing or want to experience?

  • People love buying my work as the unseen energies held within each artwork attracts them to acquire.
  • For many it is not a logical decision, as they simply “know” they have to “have”.


Why should large retailers or Interior designers take you on board instead of other artists? 

  • tetkaART offers Retailers the opportunity of acquiring a product line that is unique and ............
  • ...

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January 6, 2017 @ 11:26 AM

Fleur de Lis no 6: original tetkaART

Contact Tetka to acquire Fleur de Lis no 6



tetkaART holds more than an appreciation of ART .... it is a game-changer for you to be emPOWERed. 


Now this is interesting, as most people hang Art in their environment for beauty and do not consider the energy that it is magnetically beaming into their environment. 

The reflection of the Art in your home or business shows people whether consciously or subconsciously the very nature and essence of the person or people within that environment. 

Entrepreneurs I have found really love the feel of Abstract and ...

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January 2, 2017 @ 11:43 AM

tetkaART = a Way of Life

No 1 Fleur de Lis: original tetkaART

to acquire No 1 Fleur de Lis contact Tetka here


The Power of tetkaART in your world is entirely up to YOU.


Many people purchase my art, simply because they love the uniqueness and the “something intangible” that they are drawn to and simply must “have it in their home or office”.


I have also had emails thanking me for the Power of Healing that has happened when people gaze at my Art, ask a question and simply breathe in and breathe out while gazing into it.

What happens then is pure magic: “How did that happen?”


And then there is Investors who choose to grow their business with tetkaART …. Ahhhh.........

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November 21, 2015 @ 10:35 PM

RED angel: Original tetkaART

To OWN red angel, contact Tetka 


As bursts of light shine within the earthbank charter RED Angel emerges, as the carrier of earth wisdom to alert people the Golden/Spiritual Age cannot be denied as it has arrived.


Orbiting earth as per higher instructions, Red Angel knew no barriers as she sourced incredible people to shower with the magic of earthbank.


Her voyage took her into worlds of deLIGHT gathering intelligence to pass on to the ONE who would ultimately OWN Red Angel energy wealth stream for the emPOWERment and motivation for others to live the life of their dreams.


Many people felt her magic as she woke them from the deep fog of denial of their spirit.

Her .........

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November 20, 2015 @ 8:09 AM

RED lady: Original tetkaART



RED Lady observes YOUR natural Rights.

She is the lady whose energies gift you with the welcome joy of receiving.
Be prepared as when she arrives life will change as all that no longer serves you will naturally fall away. 

and so Red Lady's story is told:


For years the young girl had walked by the red door at the bottom of the garden. 
Her curiosity was immense, yet she always felt a sense of trepidation to enter as she had heard her grandparents tell of lovers who had met in the chambers behind the red door and were never seen again.
So, on the day when she set off for a walk and found herself in front.........

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November 11, 2015 @ 8:58 AM

mr elF: Original tetkaART

To OWN mr elF, contact Tetka 


The young lady had absolutely no idea why she would want to have her morning coffee on the front verandah of her home on the cold misty morning that she had woken to.

Trusting her instincts, she knew something was about to happen that would change her life forever.


Sitting down, she slowly sipped her coffee and slipped into a space of deep reflection as she gazed into the mist.

Suddenly her gaze caught sight of a figure that was slowly walking towards her.

Blinking furiously to make sure her imagination wasn’t running overtime, she was totally awestruck by the figure that stood at least 6feet 5inches tall.


Her mind began running overtime .........

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November 5, 2015 @ 8:27 PM

magiCal SEA lion: Original tetkaART

To OWN magiCal SEA lion, contact Tetka 


The sun shone brilliantly on the moored boat filled with a group of tourists eager to see the Magical Sea Lions who lived on the remote island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

Expectations were running high as all the brochures spoke of amazing events happening and even people being healed who were touched by the Sea Lions as they swam with them in the ocean.


Suddenly a swirl of light enclosed the boat and imagine the people’s shock and even horror as the boat began to lift from its mooring.

Screams rent the air as fear drove people crazy with imaging’s of being abducted by aliens.


Unbeknownst to them the Sea .........

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