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ARTIST: Tetka Rhu
weaVer of maGic
tetkaART = a Way of Life
welcome to the world of tetkaART
tetkaART = a Way of Life


Change YOUR environment - Change your LIFE with tetkaART

Unique and Powerful Artworks designed for YOUR requirements.

Welcome to the world of tetkaART
When you acquire original tetkaART
YOU are investing in YOU
to use and empower in your life exactly as you choose to create the realities to support you in living the reality of your dreams.
Do want to OWN an Original Collectors tetkaART?
Say g’day to me to create the lifestyle you desire, I look forward to hearing from you.


 original Collectors tetkaART shown in digital Art Exhibition on American Eagle Building Times Square, New York


Tetka Rhu: Entrepreneurial Artist / Investment ART Strategist

Brisbane, Australia

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 Skype: tetkarhu

Twitter: @tetka   @tetpicasso  #tetka #tetkaART


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