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Tetka Rhu - Entrepreneurial Artist and Investment Art Strategist



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I am always thrilled and excited when other people experience the Power of Tetka, Lady Picasso's Art and Books.

A huge thanks to you ALL for being a part of my life.


Linking hands with destiny, we are now all brought together to appreciate the time frames of commitment for our Soul Purpose.


It is an absolute privilege to share a part of my journey through my Services, Art and Books and the experiences of people who have written recommendations and testimonials.

To the below people, I say Thank you for taking the time in sending me your gratitude.

Recommendation - Michelle Kruger, Enterprise Catalyst


“I met Tetka in 2009 and we shared an immediate, and profound connection.

I have been very fortunate to cross paths with beautiful and talented people, however Tetka Rhu has a gift I have never come across. A working relationship now for over two years I can with a 110% recommend her services, as I have received so much more than I had ever expected.

Her professionalism in business, her intuitiveness and knowing, in order to utilize her gifts in the marketplace, together with the amazing influence her art projects into any business has; is absolutely profound.

Since working with Tetka, many areas of business have shifted positively.

She is an amazing Entrepreneur, a superb artist that helps people transform their businesses through her art and a beautiful person that always has her client's well being and success at heart.”

Michelle Kruger

Recommendation - Michelle Clarke Talent Dynamics England


“Tetka Rhu: An incredible burst of energy, in service of others.

There is so much I want to recommend to you about Tetka but it might take too long for you to read!

A highly gifted spiritual artist who uses her talent to help others understand exactly what they need at the right time.

I am lucky enough to own a Tetka Rhu original.

Each time I feel drawn to look at it, I receive a different level of understanding and am fully grounded to that moment.

If you are seeking spiritual understanding, be ready for it! If you are seeking beauty in art, then simply sit back and admire the picture you choose on your wall!

Either way you are going to feel great about it.

If you get the chance for a meeting/one to one with Tetka even better!

You will be amazed by her spot on insights.” 

Michelle Clarke

Recommendation - Heather Boon - Maximum Results Australia


“Tetka Rhu is a woman of authenticity, passion and great wisdom. 

Our paths crossed in 2009 when we both made a commitment to serve as flow leaders of XL Nation Brisbane Circle and during this time we developed an immediate friendship based on respect, integrity and strong values. 

Tetka's innate ability to draw out the very best in people and invite them to share their gifts with the world is just one of her many talents. I invite you to learn more about Tetka and the many other gifts she shares with the world.” 

Heather Boon

Recommendation Emily Miller


“Tetka's creativity and spirituality shines through in all her work.

I have found it incredibly potent and transformational!

She contributes her talent with all through a variety of multi media.

She makes owning a piece of her art very accessible, so everyone can enjoy the beauty and magic!” 

Emily West-Sadler

Recommendation - Margaret Wilmink, Australia


“I have had the pleasure of using several of Tetka's services/talents.

I have purchased her artwork and her books, and she has worked one on one with me also.

I have found Tetka to be of exceptional talent, highly ethical in all her dealings and can highly recommend her.”  

Margaret Wilmink

Recommendation - Merrin Pearse - Hong Kong


“Tetka has amazing energy.

She shares in a very powerful way and does so in a way that encourages others to do more than they imagined they could.

Looking forward to working again with you soon, Tetka...Grow well.... Merrin”    

Merrin Pearse

Thank you Tetka for an awesome book,

On opening SOUL Ignition I knew it was special and I was not disappointed.
It is a book for those who want to read Tetka’s story, learn more about the working of the Soul and especially for those wanting to grow and develop their potential.
This Tetka does with such grace and power.
The prayers, exercises and writing are ways directly to the Soul.
I personally have had great results from doing the exercise around money and it has left me with the feeling of having control and being very grounded around money issues.
This is a book for stepping into our feminine power.
Read it all the way through, dive in and get what you need for the day and know that this is a book you will not just read once, rather it is a book you will carry with you for ever as it can be useful on so many levels.
With gratitude,
Margaret Wilmink
Brisbane, Australia

Margaret Wilmink

Ania Sujet - London

Embrace YOUR Goddess Art Prints

The Goddesses arrived!!!  – I love them, they are amazing!
You are so talented.
Thank God or Michelle (Clarke) Talent Dynamics and all those people who encouraged you to pursue painting were there at the right moment.
I got inspired by looking at the Goddess of Fulfilment on my wall for just few minutes.
I had this ‘feel alive and happy for no reason moment’ and then got new business idea and reminded myself how much I love art and music.
I think I am finally getting even more clarity on how to use my natural talents to pursue my passions.
It is so amazing to feel on purpose.
Have a very merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year.

Ania Sujet

Thank You for my Goddess. 

Even before she entered my home and hung on my wall, The Goddess started to manifeast great changes in my life. 

Your work is POWERFUL!! :)    

Stacey Huish, Brisbane, Qld, Australia   

Effective Communication

Stacey Huish

Tetka is a very passionate artist.

She inspires my soul's growth with her multi-faceted artistic talents.

She is a friend, an avid supporter, and someone who is a blessing in my life.

Her art creations are unique, and opens her heart and soul to us with each and every artwork, that is a labor of love as a gift to us all.

 Kazim Abasali - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"Empowered Artist"

Kasim Abasali

True Spirit, True Wisdom and True Creativity comes through Tetka Rhu's amazing and truly inspirational Art pieces.

Watch out for this True to Life Artistic influence of the future ... Tetka Rhu.


It's a must to experience the valuable pieces of time and essence that Tetka has created on each and every canvas.

The next decade of Art is Tetka's Time!"

Toula Noutsatos - Art Enthusiast and Business Development Leader

Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

Toula Noutsatos

SOUL Ignition - The Key to OUR Destiny Book  - Author: Tetka Rhu

So many times we search for books to give us inspiration and teach us something that we hope to apply and learn, however, Soul Ignition is exactly what it says.

This book actually Ignites your soul and connects the spark within you to remember that which you so long back thought u did not know.

It truly is a book that shifted and lit my soul... Try it... life will never be the same.... thank you Tetka Rhu for sharing this with us, and to know you offer the assistance through your consulting on Soul Ignition Consultattions.

This journey is such a blessing

Love Michelle

Michelle Kruger - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Michelle Kruger

SOUL Ignition - The Key to OUR Destiny Book  - Author: Tetka Rhu

I have now read the book and done the workshops and all i can say is that it is a powerful journey that envokes your truth, authenticity and callling.
Read and be awakened, participate and live out loud!
You have come across this for a reason.
Trust and see the magic unfold.
Tetka you have been a powerful force behind my journey and you have encouraged me to finally embrace the power of LOVE


By Stacey Huish - Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Co Author - "Inspired to Success" and "Dare to Live"

Stacey Huish



The purpose of our Creation is now revealed,


seek no more as you have found the inner voice which sings a song of celebration


May life unfold in miraculous ways to unlock the mysteries you hold within.


Celebrating YOU, I rejoice that my Art and Books have found their way to you.


Tetka Rhu: Entrepreneurial Artist / Investment ART Strategist

Brisbane, Australia

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