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Love is the essence of tetkaArt

The journey of love opens your heart to receive

Welcome the joy of love

and come home to your heartbeat  

Take some moments to enjoy the magical tetkaART compilation of the seen

as you absorb the power of the unseen. 




INVESTment tetkaART

EDGIC Re$ult$ and Reward$

EDGIC Quantum Leap

EDGIC $uperCharged

EDGIC Heaven on Earth

EDGIC Modern Artist Tetka Rhu

Missing Links tetkaART

Miniature Magic tetkaART

Animal Call tetkaART



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May your life be continually uplifted and inspired .... Tetka xox

Tetka Rhu: Entrepreneurial Artist / Investment ART Strategist

Brisbane, Australia

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 Skype: tetkarhu

Twitter: @tetka   @tetpicasso  #tetka #tetkaART


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